ACM-ICPC Team Coach

[Why do we need to learn Algorithms?]

Algorithms are the core foundation of almost every problem in informatics. By mastering Algorithms, you will be able to have a huge advantage in today’s extremely fierce career competition.


After completing Big-O courses, students applied for big tech companies and got their job offered.

This is also the greatest purpose since the very beginning we desire to achieve. We are hoping to have more and more students who can get job offers from big tech companies.

Building a community of great engineers is the dream that our company always pursues. To make this dream come true, efforts need to come from both sides, us and yours.


“Interviews for a full-time job/internship for the software engineer position at the world’s top technology companies (such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc) always require candidates to have a good grasp on algorithms.”

Gayle Laakmann McDowell

Author of the book “Cracking the Coding Interview”




GREEN 41 ONLINE COURSE STARTS ON MAY 18, 2023 (18/05/2023)

Tuition Fee: 6.500.000 VND

Tuition discount for the first 5 early registrants: 5.500.000 VND (left)

The course is for beginners who haven’t studied programming before, those who move from other industries to Information Technology, or those who learn to program but are not yet proficient. This course is the premise to help you step into later courses.

Enroll now



BLUE 27 ONLINE STARTS ON MAY 8, 2022 (08/05/2023)

Tuition Fee: 7.500.000 VND

Only 6.500.000 left for the first 5 early registrants

Special Offer: having a policy for dividing tuition fees into several payments for students.

The course is designed vividly and easily to understand with practical exercises for professional coders. The lecturer, who is a 5-year head coach of the HCMUS team, 2 times represented Vietnam to attend the World Final round of the ACM-ICPC World Finals.




ORANGE 14 STARTS ON MAY 15, 2022 (15/05/2023)

Tuition Fee: 8.500.000 VND

Only 7.500.000 VND for the first 5 early registrants

Special Offer: having a policy for dividing tuition fees into several payments for students.

The course provides learners with advanced algorithms lessons and focuses on helping them to design algorithms that are applied widely in many fields such as Logistics, Security, Artificial Intelligence, etc.




CP03 – LEVEL 3 STARTS ON JUNE 1, 2022 (01/06/2023)

Tuition Fee: 8.500.000 VND

Tuition discount for the first 5 early registrants: 7.500.000 VND (left)/Level

The course is for those who want to compete in programming competitions, attend the 10th-grade entrance exams to gifted high schools, and take part in contests from big tech companies such as Google Code Jam, Facebook Hacker Cup, etc.



Big-O courses have helped me to improve my problem-solving skills. It helps me to regain my knowledge of algorithms. It also provides me with a starting point from which I can do more research and investigate to improve my thinking. I have also experienced some of the international programming contests problems under time pressure. Big-O helps me to realize one thing: “Programming must take algorithms as a root”. The technology may change but the logical thinking and algorithm remain the same ever after. Thanks, Big-O.

The courses are very beneficial for students who have just begun to learn algorithms and who want to improve their coding skills. The teacher and teaching assistants are very enthusiastic and dedicated. Every question is answered very quickly. Besides, I could get to know more about international coding websites. Moreover, the teacher and seniors also share with me a lot of experience relating to their work.

First of all, I would like to say thank you to my TA and my teacher. Before starting the course, I seem to have lost the basics of programming. However, after the course, I have learned a lot. My questions have been answered and I have all of my problems solved. I have a clearer understanding of programming, and algorithms, which help me to think more logically. I wish I could have known about the courses earlier. Finally, thank you for everything.

At this moment, I was really satisfied with the teaching program of Big-O as well as the given problems and exercises. Mr. Tung and the teaching assistants have supported me enthusiastically during the lessons, at the exercises, and my homework. Thanks to Big-O, I could know more fascinating coding websites, as well as how I can think and solve problems.

After several lessons in Big-O courses, I feel like my logical thinking skill has improved a lot. I learned a new way to approach algorithms, which is very different from when I study at school or self-study. The teacher and TAs supported me almost 24/24. When I posted questions on the Big-O group, they always answered enthusiastically and almost immediately. In general, I am very satisfied with Big-O courses.

For a beginner, Big-O is just more than enough. Thanks to Big-O, I was inspired again with computer science and motivated to code. Being in contact with Mr. Tung as well as Mr. Khoi and Mr. Phuc is an opportunity for me to gain experience as motivation. Although there’s a particularity in the subject of information that is very difficult to teach like mathematics and physics, I see that Mr. Tung and the teaching assistants have been very supportive. Since at school I’m the first generation, so there’re very few opportunities for me to have a deep understanding of what I’ve learned. I find that the way of running algorithms by hand in every class is very interesting. In the future, I’ll try to stick with Big-O for a long time.

Only at the beginning, when I was not used to the course, I did not keep up with the progress. In the following sessions, I found that the teacher was very good and enthusiastic, and the teaching assistants were also very supportive. Regarding the lecture, I find the design clear and logical, which helps me to easily grasp the content. The class has a moderate number of students, so there is no situation of not having a seat or not being able to concentrate due to too many people. In general, everything is really good.

Mr.Tung and TAs are very enthusiastic and dedicated to answering my questions. However, the classroom seems a little bit small for moving around. The slides are well-prepared and explained in detail. And we also have sample code in many programming languages, which I found really helpful. However, there’re still some minor flaws that need to be fixed. Above is some of my feedback for the course. Wish Big-O more and more to develop and reach out in the future.

The last exercises are too hard lol. Many times I gave up on my school exercises just to solve those problems. Because I am afraid to not be able to catch up with the course lol. At first, I thought that I couldn’t catch up with this course since I had no idea about coding. I only took a few fundamentals classes in my undergraduate. During the learning process, I realized that I have improved myself day by day. And now, my problem-solving skills are maybe a little bit better. I hope Big-O can bring more advanced courses after the Blue course in the future.